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Date: August 06, 2009 at 17:44:57
From: DQSHISTORIAN, [ip68-100-71-204.dc.dc.cox.net]
Subject: FSB Pace and Lanyard 1970-71...call for DQS vets.

My name is Bill Shkurti and I am writing a book on the defense of Fire Support Bases Pace and Lanyard during the Vietnam War. I interviewed Steve Belt for this book and he suggested I contact you. I'm currently at Ohio State University, but 38 years ago served as an artillery officer with B Battery 2/35 FA (155 SP) at Fire Base Lanyard.

Ever since I returned from Vietnam I felt most Americans really never fully understood the unique set of challenges facing the last American ground troops still in harm's way in the 1970-71 period. Over the past two years I have pulled together quite a bit of material on Pace and Lanyard, including news clippings, TV news film, and declassified documents and reports for the National Archives. I am now in the process of interviewing veterans of both the infantry and artillery units that served in that area, including members of Quad Fifty and Duster crews.

I wanted to touch base with you in your role as the historian for the National Dusters, Quads and Searchlight Association in order to see if you had any information involving Lanyard or Pace such as personal narratives, after action reports or photographs you would be willing to share. Lanyard and Pace were both located in Tay Ninh Province off Route 22 next to the Cambodian border. I believe dusters from 5/2d ADA served at Lanyard between June 1970 and April 1971. Quad Fifties from D/71st FA also served at Lanyard during that period and at Pace from May through October of 1971.

I know from my own experience at Lanyard that Dusters and Quads played an important role in protecting these isolated fire bases, particularly as U. S. ground troops were withdrawn. If you have any information or suggestions you feel would be helpful, I would be deeply appreciative.

Thank you for your consideration,


Please contact dqshistorian if you were at these bases in 1970-71 and want to participate.

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